After finishing my secondary studies, I was debating my professional future. In love with the world of arts and crafts since I was little, given my family influence, I decided to travel to England to learn the sophisticated art of decorating natural eggshells.

After months of studies accompanied by the best professionals in the field, I decided to return to Argentina, to create a lifestyle of this technique.

Over the years, I have been learning and inspecting myself in various techniques such as: scrapbooking, Venetian masks, realeggza, among others.

Since then I have been a teacher and summoned by multiple television programs, publishers, schools, and exhibitions.

I founded my own brand “Arte Realeggza”, and I have my own artistic workshop where I offer weekly seminars and workshops on different decorative techniques.

I forged my future since I was little, pursuing a passion, becoming the greatest reference in the field in Latin America.